“In a time of excruciating torment, Zara provided an oasis of caring, concern and engagement where I was able to access a reality, a 'real self,' that I feared was lost to me forever. The creativity and sensitivity she brings to the therapeutic process is a rare gift indeed.”

Overcoming anxious and obsessive thinking, Oxford

'I cannot find words to recommend Zara strongly enough as a gifted and intuitive therapist.'

Overcoming relationship difficulties, London

'Zara Polden is a truly inspirational and wonderful therapist.  She helped me to fully recover from a very difficult period in my life which had left me very unwell where I was not keen on taking medication.  I had not thought that this degree of recovery was possible for me when I first went to see her.  However, Zara had complete faith in me and coupled with her extensive understanding, she helped me learn the techniques to make deep and long lasting changes in my life which now help me in ways I would never have thought possible and on a daily basis.  Zara is brilliant, kind, insightful and her lovely manner and personality bring her sessions to life.  As a mental health care professional myself, it is clear to me when a therapist has a gift for helping people in distress.  Zara has this gift in abudance.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.'

Overcoming low self-esteem, London

'When I first visited Zara to say I was sceptical is an understatement. I was full of anxiety and feelings of failure and low self-esteem and was adamant that this was yet another person who I would spend an hour a week with and not really learn anything.

How wrong I was, Zara is exceptional.

Zara treated me as an individual and not as a patient, each self-help exercise that was given to me was explained in great detail and I completely understood ‘why’.  I started to enjoy my visits.  I could arrive feeling low and leave feeling great, that’s how good Zara is.

Zara has made me feel ‘human’ again, this may sound over the top but I can cope with so many things that before I would never have dreamt of.  My anxiety and self-esteem have improved tenfold and if ever I do ‘have a wobble’ then I use whatever technique applies and within minutes, I can feel myself improving.    

I really can’t thank Zara enough for what she has done for me and as for recommending her well I think my testimonial speaks for itself.

Zara, thank you so much.'

Becky Jones - with permission, Witney